O2 Travel & EU Changes Active from April 12th 2016

mobile-euChanges to O2 Travel – April 12th 2016
From today onward, O2 Travel customers will pay just £1.66 to make calls, send texts and use data whilst in selected O2 Travel destinations in Europe.


Whats the maximum usage per day?

  • 120 outbound minutes.
  • 120 outbound texts.
  • 50 MB data at full speed, but unlimited with slower speeds.
  • Must purchase another £1.66 to receive full speed after first 50MB.


What triggers the charge?

  • When a call is made to other O2 Travel destinations including the UK.
  • When texts are sent or data is used.
  • Any unused data, calls and texts won’t be carried over to the following day.
  • O2 Travel won’t be triggered by receiving calls or text messages.


How does the maximum/fair usage system work?

  • A customer will be sent a text message notifying them if they have exceeded the fair usage policy (120 outbound minutes, 120 outbound texts).
  • If a customer fails to adhere to the fair usage policy on more than one occasion in a 12 month rolling period, O2 will automatically transfer them to standard EU roaming rates.


Who will get the new version of O2 Travel?

    • Existing customers opted into O2 Travel and business customers that opt in.
    • O2 Travel will also be available to Mobex, B4B PAYU and Data Only tariffs.

*Daily charge applies from midnight to midnight UK time*

Providing you are opted into O2 Travel you will be able to benefit from the improvements and this will automatically be applied. O2 will be sending a text to all users who are opted into O2 Travel so if you do not receive this text before your next trip to Europe please do contact team@bellcom.org to ensure you are added.

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