Bringing I.T. all together

A modern successful Telecoms company often comes across many IT Support companies. They are key to all businesses, and essential when installing an IP based phone system.

Of the many Bellcom have dealt with, some have been helpful, some have been sceptical, and most have not really understood the benefits of working with us on behalf of the client.

The only Company that we have really worked with that totally understood both ours, and the clients’ needs, was Teknicare.

I put this down to the fact that Teknicare likes to ‘Keep IT Simple’.

The natural progression for a Telecoms company would be to provide their own IT support, or at very least partner with a good IT company. So why not MERGE with one?

Therefore, in January 2020 Bellcom Communications purchased Teknicare, and now both Bellcom Communication’s and Teknicare are “as one”. Pooled resources, full portfolio of products, and a happy, loyal client base who we can now support with Telecoms and IT from one provider.

For fully details, or how we now like to “Keep IT simple”, please click here:

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