Hosted Voice

Hosted Voice – The modern phone system for business. A secure and reliable cloud-based business phone system for every size of organisation.

Your first question may be what is Hosted Voice? In short, it’s a phone service that functions over the internet.

In partnership with 3CX, one of the leading VoIP technology suppliers, we work with businesses of all sizes to install, manage and support their Hosted Voice, or VoIP systems. Our flexible solution will grow with your business and is packed with features so it’s ideal for SMEs as well as global companies operating from multiple locations.

All-in-one solution

Voice calls

Video conferencing

Team messaging


Easily scalable

Mobile app

Softphone for computers


  • Same system across multiple locations
  • Easy to access desk phone when working remotely
  • Minimal system downtime, in fact it has a 99.999% uptime
  • Prepares a business for the ISDN switch off
  • Excellent call quality whether used with desk phone, smartphone or app
  • New users and locations can be added in minutes

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What is VoIP?

VoIP stands for Voice over Internet Protocol and is a phone system that uses an internet connection instead of a traditional phone line.

How does VoIP work?

It changes the traditional analogue format of telephony into digital data which is communicated over the internet. It’s cloud-based so we will install the connections and provide the necessary phone systems.

What are the advantages for my business?

A traditional phone line is not needed so you can save money. Calls can be made from a phone, computer, laptop and smartphone via an app, so your team can access their desk phone when working remotely. It’s simple to add as many phones as you need.

If I lose internet connection will VoIP still work?

We always recommend running any hosted voice system over a business grade internet line, but even these do fail occasionally.  Therefore, our system will automatically failover to the Smartphone app, for uninterrupted use.

How much does VoIP cost?

It depends on the size of your business and number of handsets, but our system can start from as little as £17.50 a month.

What is the call quality like when using VoIP?

We have a partnership with 3CX, a leading VoIP technology supplier, and the call quality our clients receive is excellent, no matter the device they are using.