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Boostbox will allow customers to connect to 3G network using broadband connection. O2 has launched its first femtocell, the O2 Boostbox, to allow business customers with poor network signal in their homes and offices to make calls and use data on the 3G network. The box is connected to 3G using a spare LAN port...
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O2 has partnered with sports brand Nike for the launch of a new running application and to bring sports offers to O2 customers from August
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New BlackBerry OS 10 due out October/November this year………
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Apple tests iPhone 5 with 3.99-inch display:
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New European Roaming tariffs from O2..including low cost data & low, fixed rate incoming & outgoing calls. Contact Bellcom now for details.
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iPads from Bellcom are guaranteed “clay free”!! Click here for details:
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