By: Steve Bellamy On: June 11, 2013 In: Latest News Comments: 0

Several new features embedded within easier to use platform, as manufacturer also releases details of its free internet radio service

Apple has overhauled iOS 7 in a move towards a cleaner look for the platform.

The operating system has been redesigned with subtle motion, a colour palette and ‘distinct, functional layers’. The typography has been refined for a simpler appearance.

The manufacturer said the new interface actually makes the device bigger because everything is designed to take advantage of the entire screen.

It added that despite the overhaul, iOS 7 will be instantly familiar to the hundreds of millions of iPhone, iPad and iPod users.

There are a number of new features built within iOS 7. Control Centre brings controls for Airplane Mode, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and Do Not Disturb into one place through one swipe from the bottom of the screen, as well as the ability to adjust screen brightness, pause or play a song, move to the next track and stream music with AirPlay. It also gives instant access to apps such as the clock, camera, calculator and torch.

Notification Centre is now available from the lock screen so all notifications can be seen through one swipe, with the new ‘Today’ feature within this offering an at-a-glance view of the user’s day, with a summary of important details such as weather, traffic, meetings and events.

When users have content to share, AirDrop shows contacts close by to enable this. The transfers are peer-to-peer and fully encrypted so content is protected and private. Within the camera, users can switch between video, photo, square camera and panaroma with one swipe.

The redesigned Photos app includes Moments, which is a new way to automatically organise photos and videos based on times and location. Users can zoom out to see photos organised by Moments, Collections of Moments and Years. iOS 7 also includes iCloud Photo Sharing, where contacts can contribute their own photos and videos to a user’s shared streams, with the new Activity view showing updates from shared streams in one place.

The Music app has been redesigned and includes iTunes Radio, a free internet radio service featuring over 200 stations and a catalogue of music from the iTunes Store. When users access the service, they will have access to stations based on their music. iTunes Radio also gives users an exclusive first listen on new content from top selling artists, Siri integration as well as the ability to buy anything with one step.

Siri has new male and female voices and includes Twitter and Wikipedia search integration. It also offers Bing web search and the ability to change device settings and play back voicemail.

Safari’s redesigned interface now includes full-screen browsing, with a new view for bookmarks and tabs. Passwords and credit card information are securely stores and available on all devices through iCloud Keychain. Access to adult sites or access to a specific set of permitted websites is enabled through the enhanced parental controls.

Other new features include a new Find My iPhone Activation Lock feature that requires an Apple ID and password before Find My iPhone can be turned off, erase data or re-activate a device after it has been remotely erased. Notification Sync dismisses a notification on all devices while the Phone, Messaging and FaceTime features have a blocking function to prevent specific people from contacting a user.