Steve Bellamy

Steve Bellamy

Steve Bellamy – Managing Director

To Do List - EverythingHi, I’m Steve, and am I Chief Cook and Bottle Washer of Bellcom Communications, and yes this is where the buck stops! That said, I have a great team, and they have my full confidence. All our clients and customers have my direct contact details and I am happy to take calls at anytime (please not too late though!). My day to day role is to ensure everything runs smoothly, and we remain commercially viable, both as a business, and in terms of our client offerings. I am always working on new ways to provide additional services and benefits for clients.

OK, a little about me…
Started in Telecoms in 1986 (when I was VERY young), and totally enjoy all that I do, especially working with our clients and see the growth and transformation of their businesses. I have also happy to say that many clients are now friends as well, which is very nice, and makes me happy as this proves that we must be doing something right – or that I really am a nice guy!!

Married to the wonderful Julie (she’s our FD too, so definitely need to keep her happy!)… my little girl (she’s left home and working hard herself, but still my little girl) is Shelby… and thankfully she has no interest in Telecoms (except her iPhone which I believe has actually been surgically attached to her hand!!).

Civil War SoldiersMy passion outside of work (yes I do get some time off) is the study of the American Civil War (in which I am currently studying for my Masters!). No idea why, just find it fascinating and interesting.

I enjoy nothing more that winding down and relaxing with my wife, family and friends… and still believe that I can count wine as one of my 5 a day.

White and Red Wine

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