Alan Johnson

Alan Johnson
Alan Johnson (CITP MCSE) – Consultant

If and when it hits the fan, I’m the one who’d have to clean up, so I spend my time doing everything possible to prevent that eventuality.

Microsoft Certified IT ProfessionalI arrived, by a roundabout route, via the RAF, British Telecom, Sharp Electronics, Canon, Toshiba and Siemens. I am proud to be a Chartered I.T. Professional member of The British Computer Society and a Microsoft Certified Systems Partner. In other words a proper geek. I’ve always been fascinated by technology, electronics in particular, building my first transistor radio at the age of eleven and devising an explosive device for removing garden moles which attracted more official attention than my father was happy about.

During my stint at BT I gained my City and Guilds in telecommunications and was part of the team that upgraded old mechanical telephone exchanges to electronics (system X). So I have a lot of background and experience to bring to the table.

2a1caa256fcef7c9a2b25fc52ec8f440citp-logo-mainMy main role is to find solutions that fit the client’s budget and expectations, not always an easy balancing act but I feel we have the capacity to think laterally and come up with proposals that less experienced engineers may not arrive at.

Privately I’ve been married to Ruth since 1977, we have two sons we are very proud of, Neil has his own garage business and Liam is a top class cadd manager. We are also blessed with a Grandson, Lewis and are looking forward to the arrival of our first Granddaughter.

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