A hosted telephone system is located within a secure data centre, “the cloud” is a common way of explaining any application that doesn’t need equipment on site to run – a bit like the internet.

There is no physical box that sits in your office and routes calls, it is all achieved using VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) which means you could take your existing Broadband internet connection a step further or install a second internet connection dedicated to voice traffic.


The Benefits Explained

A hosted telephone system from Bellcom will allow you to avoid up-front capital expenditure and it provides flexibility if your business needs change rapidly as you react to your market.

It also means that you can be more agile when you need to be, as it allows you to take a more flexible approach to business activity by working from home or whilst travelling.



Real business benefits

Choose an adaptable solution that can accommodate growth should you business gain more resource, sites or service.  Feel secure that you have a good business continuity should adverse weather conditions begin to have an effect because your business numbers can be routed accordingly.

voipThe benefits are clear:

  1. Free up capital for other essential expenditure
  2. Full control, configure and change the system to suit changing needs.
  3. Expands as your business grows
  4. Natural disaster recovery to ensure business continuity
  5. One number – regardless of location


Robust and Secure Service

A Bellcom hosted telephone system will improve the level of service you provide to your customers as your teams deal with calls more efficiently.

hosted-voip-explainedWe monitor for unusual activity that could include fraud and the nature of VoIP technology means that you are less likely to be affected by external impacts like adverse weather and business will continue as normal.





quotesWe switched our four site leisure centre operation to VOIP with Bellcom just over a year ago.  Our motivation for doing this was to achieve a joined up phone system for the whole company and enjoy 50% cost savings across the organisation. This is what we set out to achieve and a year on this is what has happened. We also enjoy being able to transfer calls across four buildings seamlessly and benefit from having one company who are easy to get hold of and work quickly to resolve any issues that arise.

Juliet Mason – Tandridge Leisure

quotesI changed my land line provider to Bellcom around 2 years ago and the monthly cost for three handsets are now half of what I was paying previously for one! In addition to this the service we receive from Bellcom during this time has been excellent. I am always happy to recommend Bellcom to friends and colleagues as they provide a service you can rely on.

Graham Gibson