IMG_2904Leased lines are the ultimate broadband solution for businesses that require high speeds and reliable broadband connections, regardless of their location.  We can delivery speeds from 10Mbps through to 1Gbps over our resilient network.  Unlike standard FTTC connections these broadband connections are supplied with a full 24/7 service level agreement with on-site response guarantees.

Leased lines provide your business with a dedicated fibre connection to the internet and deliver the ultimate in broadband connectivity.  They are not shared or contended with any other user ensuring you get a consistently fast broadband connection all day, every day.  Speeds are symmetrical so, unlike FTTC, the upstream and download speeds are the same – opening up options to use your connections for more applications.

Business BroadbandLeased lines are ideal for businesses who:

  • Require high speed connectivity
  • Require reliable connections for use with mission critical or sensitive data
  • Have a requirement to transmit large amounts of data
  • Require a broadband connection to be supplied with a service level agreement for rapid assistance ad guaranteed fix times
  • Feel that traditional broadband connection is not providing the speed or resilience their business demands